Make Money With Shortening URLs

What means URL shortening ??

A URL Shortener is a service that translates long URLs into abbreviated alternatives. URL shortening services are based on URL redirection.

Short URLs are preferable for a number of reasons. Longer ones are often broken in email messages, for example, and may not work reliably. Furthermore, for some types of communications, such as text messaging and posting to Twitter, the number of characters permitted per post is so limited that including a long URL would leave no room for a message to accompany it.

The features of URL shorteners vary from one service to another but may include:

The ability to track, analyze and graph traffic statistics.
Bookmarklets that enable URL shortening without visiting the site.
User-specified URL extensions.
A preview function.
Social bookmarking features.
The original URL shortener was TinyURL, which is still popular. Other commonly used URL shorteners include, DwarfURL, and NotifyURL.

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How Can I Earn Money With Shortening my links ??

It’s easy!

First, create an account with in one of the best sites in the list by clicking the Signup link on our Banners . Enter your basic information and be sure to select the publisher or advertiser account type (the sites are different ). Publishers make money by sharing links that show advertisements, whereas advertisers pay for advertisements.
Next, check your e-mail for a verification message. Please click on the link in the email to verify your account.
That’s it! After you log in to your account, you can easily install our browser plugin from your dashboard. This plugin allows you to create links while on the page you’re currently browsing so you don’t have to switch over to a different tab or do any additional work. If you don’t want to install our plugin, simply click on “Create Short Link” in the side menu and enter the URL of the site you want create a short link for. Click the Create button, and the shortened link will then be displayed in the URL field. You are now ready to share this link with the world!
From here on out, you will be paid for every person that clicks on one of your short links, so get your links out to as many people as you can!

Tips: If you already own a website, you can “shrink” URLs already on your website and replace them with short links. When your website visitors click on these links, you will earn money. If you don’t own a website, you can use your email or social media account to share links! Have a Facebook account? Perfect! Have a Twitter account? That works too! Anywhere you can get your links into the hands of others to share is a perfect fit, even if you’re simply sharing a link with your friends or colleagues.



What The Best Sites & The Highest Paying URL Shorteners (Ever) ??



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