Yes, selfie sticks are coming to virtual reality
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Tuesday that he thinks virtual reality has the potential to become the most social platform out there.

During Day 2 of its F8 developer conference, we learned just what Facebook means by that.

The company showed off two impressive experiments its working on, though others are in the cooker.

Two Facebookers were in the same virtual space, even though one was in San Francisco and the other 35 miles away in Menlo Park. Using Oculus Rift and Touch controllers, the virtual avatars could interact with one another and “see” each other in the room.

The first demo was a 360 photo sphere. Clear globes housed various landmarks, such as Piccadilly Circus and Big Ben. One of the avatars handed a sphere to the other, and by bringing the globe up to their face, the two were transported to a 360-degree view of the location.

Virtual reality photo spheres

Once there, the two began to interact in other ways. The goateed guy put a “mask” on his VR travel companion so he no longer looked like someone out of the Blue Man Group.

Drawing in VR

Using virtual colored pencils, they drew ties for one another.

I shudder as I write this, but the two then took a virtual selfie using a virtual selfie stick. Yes, one of the most annoying inventions ever is invading virtual reality.

The photo they snapped was then dropped into a Facebook mailbox, and shipped off to a Facebook account to be shared widely.

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