You can now get your hands on Apple's new 4-inch iPhone SE
The new 4-inch Apple iPhone SE is now on sale, great news if you fancy getting hold of the palm-friendly handset.

This new iPhone isn’t going to set the world alight, but it is a blessing for Apple fans who don’t want to upgrade to the larger screens of the iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus and 6S Plus.

The iPhone SE borrows the same design, display, front facing 1.2MP camera and Touch ID scanner from the now years-old iPhone 5S, but it’s not totally stuck in the past.

Apple’s also managed to cram its A9 processor, M9 motion co-processor and 12MP iSight camera from the iPhone 6S into the SE – giving it a healthy boost over the pint-sized device it’s replacing.

Is the price right?

Another draw of the iPhone SE is its price. Now it’s not exactly cheap, but Apple did make a big deal about how affordable it is compared to its previous handsets.

SIM-free you’re looking at $399 (£359, AU$679) for the 16GB model, while the 64GB variant will set you back $499 (£439, AU$829) – we’ll let you make your own mind up whether that’s reasonable or not.

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