Updated: iPhone SE release date: where can I get it?
The iPhone SE, Apple’s return to the 4-inch smartphone sizing, has finally materialized and it can be in your hands as early as March 31.

We’ve spent some quality time getting close (very close) with the smartphone after its reveal earlier in Cupertino. Have you checked out our hands-on review?

News of a smaller device coming from Apple is good news for those with smaller hands, but what’s best of all is that it is arriving very soon and for cheap. Unlocked, it’s a meager $399, so you can expect that it will be even more affordable on a contract.

As mentioned earlier, the iPhone SE will be available on March 31, but pre-orders are opening up on Apple’s website on March 24. Alternatively, if you’re purchasing through a carrier, here’s where you’ll be able to pick up an iPhone SE of your very own.


AT&T is opening up orders for the iPhone SE on March 24, but no specific time has been mentioned thus far. We’ll keep an eye out.


The “can you hear me now?” carrier will indeed carry the iPhone SE, with pre-orders beginning March 24 at the awfully inconvenient time of 12:01am PST (3:00am EST.)


The magenta-colored carrier will likely stock the phone, but we’re currently waiting on details. T-Mobile CEO John Legere is already addressing curious customers on Twitter who are asking about the iPhone SE, so we’ll probably be hearing something shortly.

In the past day, T-Mobile has whipped up a Apple-esque landing page for the SE, but somehow, left the pertinent release details out of the picture. We’ll keep looking throughout the day.


Last, but not least, here comes Sprint. The carrier, like the others, will begin taking orders for the iPhone SE on March 24, with a release date on March 31.

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