HTC 10 will rock your ears off, this tweet would have us believe
HTC is at it with another tweet tease of its upcoming phone, the HTC 10. The rumored phone’s chamfered design and “world first” camera setup have been the focus of previous hints put forth by the company’s Twitter account. But, its most recent post suggests that BoomSound will, once again, grace HTC’s latest flagship phone.

BoomSound has become somewhat of a signature feature since its introduction in the HTC One M7. If you’ve used it, you probably agree. It’s a software tweak at its core that, once switched on, amps up the audio experience as whole, with added volume, clarity and bass.

The tweet reads “Here comes the new boom. You’ll hear it. #powerof10,” clearly alluding to BoomSound. But, it’s the image attached that seals the deal for those of you who were concerned that the HTC 10 might ship without dual front-firing speakers.

HTC’s tease seems to show off the earpiece of the phone, with the strip of speaker grille lining its top. Based on previous entries in HTC’s flagship lineup, such as the HTC One M8 and HTC One M9, the HTC 10 will also rock a similar, semi-symmetrical look, with a matching speaker near the bottom of the device for a full frontal assault of audio.

Leading up to HTC’s unveiling of its mystery device, we’ve been piecing it together, tweet by tweet, and it seems to be shaping up into a killer smartphone for 2016. But, just like you, we’ll have to wait until April 12 to see it for ourselves.

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