Long live the floppy!

Floppy Disk

I still own several 3.5-inch floppies and even some 5.25-inch disks. They’re mostly game installs for old school adventure titles, but in my basement they sit, these boxed up relics of a bygone era. After seeing what a modder did with this old floppy disks, I’m tempted to dig them out and convert them into 128GB disks.

A YouTube user who goes by the handle Dr. Moddnstine posted a pair of must-watch videos for anyone who remembers what computers were like in the 1990s. He took an old 1995 IBM Aptiva PC with a non-working 486 foundation (he surmised it was the motherboard) and rebuilt it into a Skylake machine while respecting the vintage looks of the system.

Along the way, he decided to salvage the 3.5-inch floppy drive, but in a unique way. Rather than have it continue to read 1.44MB floppy disks, he tore it apart and noticed that the notches on the edge connector of an old ribbon cable lined up neatly with an SD card. Armed with that knowledge, he cut the cable and modded it into a microSD card reader.

He then modded a few floppy disks to serve as caddies for 128GB microSD cards, which are easily removable when/if needed. When inserted into the floppy drive, the system recognizes the full capacity of his storage media—very clever!

You can check out a worklog of his mod on Imgur, plus be sure to check out his pair of YouTube videos below:

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