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Corsair Void

It doesn’t matter if your gaming platform of choice is a Windows PC or if you prefer to frag on an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 console, Corsair’s new universally compatible Void Surround and Void Wireless RGB headsets don’t discriminate between the three.

“Most gamers don’t play on just one platform, so we wanted to build a headset that can be used anywhere,” said Corsair’s Product Manager for Gaming Headsets, Joshua LaTendresse. “With Void Surround, that’s exactly what we created: the unrivaled comfort and epic immersion of Void is now universally compatible with any gaming platform.”

Offering a headset that is compatible with multiple platforms isn’t exactly as rare as finding a unicorn horn with dried blood from a tussle with a leprechaun, but there are a large number of headsets designed primarily for single systems, be it a PC or console. That’s not the case here.

The Void Surround comes with a USB Dolby 7.1 sound card for use in PCs, plus it sports a mobile-compatible 3.5mm connector that works with PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices. It’s equipped with large 50mm neodymium drivers nestled underneath memory-foam ear pads wrapped in microfiber, while cast aluminum construction keeps everything from falling apart.

Corsair’s Void Wireless RGB is similarly, but sports RGB lighting and 2.4GHz wireless connectivity with a range of up to 40 feet. According to Corsair, it can withstand around 16 hours of gaming before needing to be recharged.

Both headsets feature a noise-cancelling microphone. The RGB version kicks things up a notch with LED status indicators that alert users to remaining battery life, whether or not it’s muted, EQ settings, and more.

The Void Surround ($80) and Void Wireless RGB ($130) are available now.

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