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Google Security Checkup

It’s in everyone’s best interest if we all keep our accounts secure. To do that, it’s a good idea to check your settings every so often. It’s not a particularly glamorous thing to do, but if you take a few moments to run through Google’s security checkup, Google will again award you 2GB of free Drive storage, just as it offered to do last year.

Depending on your account, it might only take a few seconds (literally) to run through the checkup. When I did mine, Google started off by asking me to check what I had listed for my recovery phone number, recovery email, and security question. That took about a second and a half, maybe two seconds if you count the time it took to move the mouse cursor and click on “Done.”

The next thing Google audited was my list of connected devices. Once again, everything checked out with just a glance, so I clicked on “Looks good” and moved onto the third and final portion of the security checkup.

This one took a bit longer. Google has you look at your account permissions, and for my setup, I had to spin the scroll wheel a couple of times. It all checked out again, so I hit “Done” and walked away with free Drive storage. The entire process took maybe 10 seconds.

This isn’t just a random thing Google is doing. Instead, it coincides with (and is in celebration of) Safer Internet Day 2016, an annual event organized by Insafe in February of each year.

Free storage promotions often have an expiration date, but there’s no indication that Google’s 2GB offering vanishes at any point—how groovy. To claim yours, go here and see if everything checks out.

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