Up close with a Predator

HyperX brought its new Predator NVMe SSD to CES. It’s HyperX’s first NVMe drive and it’s fast — the drive was posting read and write speeds of 2,585MB/s and 1,354MB/s, respectively, at HyperX’s booth.

HyperX isn’t revealing too many details about the drive just yet, such as what NAND flash memory and controller it’s using. However, the company did say it will release 240GB, 480GB, and 960GB capacities in the second quarter, with pricing information to be revealed closer to launch.

HyperX Predator

Moving on from storage, HyperX is expanding its presence in the audio headset market with some new models in store for 2016, both for console players and PC gamers.

One of the new headsets is called Cloud Revolver. It’s not a rebadged headset, but one that HyperX designed on its own. It’s a top-tier headset with a steel headband sitting above a suspended (and cushioned) headband that moves up and down.

HyperX said it redesigned the microphone with a flexible boom. It’s also detachable in case you’re out and about and just want to wear a headset for listening to music.

As for sound quality, HyperX says the Cloud Revolver utilizes angled 50mm drivers to direct sound into your ear. The result, according to HyperX, is fuller, more open sound, particularly for gaming where determining an enemy’s location is key.

The Cloud Revolver will be available in the second quarter for $120 (MSRP).

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