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Asus Maximus VIII Formula CES

Just ahead of CES, Asus announced a new flagship motherboard for Skylake builds, the Maximus VIII Formula. We got a chance to see one in person before zipping out of Las Vegas, along with some of the company’s other products.

If it’s an LED light show you’re after, the Maximus VIII Formula will certainly oblige. Asus decked this thing out with 28 LEDs on the board itself and added a header for off-the-shelf light strips that you would be able to control independently.

There’s a lot of armor on the Maximus VIII Formula to prevent it from warping. Asus also includes high end amenities like 802.11ac Wi-Fi, SupremeFX audio, USB 3.1 Type-C connector, and so forth.

The Maximus VIII Formula is available now for $399.

Continuing with the light show, Asus showed off an upcoming keyboard, one with lots of flashing LEDs. It’s an RGB light scheme with per-key illumination, all customizable for nifty effects, and Cherry RGB mechanical switches.

More than just peripherals and components, Asus had on display a pre-built gaming machine, the GT51. Pricing will start at $1,699 when it’s released later this year.

One interesting feature about the desktop is an accompany NFC wristband. You can use the wristband to unveil a hidden partition on the hard drive, be it a super secret work document or, ahem, something of a more adult nature that you don’t want others accessing on your PC (porn, folks, we’re talking about porn).

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