Save $200 off the PC and jump to the front of the Rift pre-order line.

During a CES dinner today, Alienware revealed that its VR-ready X51 PC will cost $1,200, but if you pre-order it bundled with the Oculus Rift, you’ll be able to get a $200 discount on the system sometime in February through a discount code (effectively bringing down the total of the system to $1,000), and you’ll be able to hop to the front of the Oculus Rift pre-order line in terms of HMD ship date.

Alienware Vr

Alienware’s VR X51 will include an i5 CPU, a 970 GPU, and 8GB of RAM.

The specs of Alienware’s VR X51 include an Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 and an Intel i5-6400 CPU with 8GB of DDR4 Ram. You can find our more about the system here.

Img 20160107 205705

Alienware General Manager Frank Azor sits with Oculus founder Palmer Luckey to discuss the company’s commitment to VR.

It is worth mentioning that the current Alienware X51 does not take a standard GTX 970, however. This most likely means that Alienware will either be using a short GTX 970, such as the Asus GTX 970 DirectCU Mini, or will retool the chassis to fit larger cards.

While there isn’t a specific release date set for Alienware’s VR-ready X51 PC, the company tells us that it will most likely release slightly before the launch of the Oculus Rift. The Rift is scheduled to ship to pre-order customers beginning March 28th.

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