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MSI Vortex CES

When you’re informed that there’s a mighty vortex in the area, you do one of two things — run away or check it out with camera in hand. We opted for the latter, making our way to MSI’s booth at CES to check out its new Vortex desktop gaming PC.

The cylinder shaped PC will draw inevitable comparisons to Apple’s Mac Pro, but they’re two very different beasts. Whereas Apple is targeting professional users and content creators, MSI has gamers in its sights. That much is apparent just by looking at the two machines.

It’s not overly big — about 6.5L — though it’s packed with Intel’s latest silicon and dual graphics cards. To keep those parts cool, MSI’s cooling scheme pulls air in from the bottom and creates a sort of cyclone, with hot air expelled out of the top. According to MSI, it’s a quiet system, even when stressed.

Take a look and let us know what you think:

Outside of funky looking desktops, MSI is invested in gaming laptops. One nifty development in that area is integrated eye tracking technology in the company’s GT72S Tobii. There are three infrared facial and eye tracking sensors in the bezel of the laptop that can detect where a user is looking on the screen.

For what purpose? It’s to add another level of immersion. For example, if you’re looking at an object, the screen might display details about it. You can also initiate actions by looking at certain objects, like grappling onto ledges in Assassin’s Creed.

The laptop will be available later this month priced at around $2,500. It will be bundled with Tom Clancey’s The Division, which is just one of many games to support Tobii eye tracking.

MSI also showed us a few other laptops, including ones that have already been released. Take a look:

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