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Corsair CES 2016

Corsair recently announced an aggressively themed case, the Spec-Alpha, intended for gamers. It’s a unique design that’s unlike any previous chassis Corsair has put out, and to get a closer look, we sent out our seasoned CES sleuth Jimmy Thang with camera in hand.

He met up with George Makris, Corsair’s product manager for cases, who gave us a detailed look at the Spec-Alpha. One thing George pointed out about the case is that it doesn’t have an optical drive. The sacrifice was made in order to give the $79 enclosure better airflow and cooling options (it can fit a liquid cooling radiator up front).

We also got an up close and personal look at two of Corsair’s more conservative cases, the Carbide 400Q and 400C. The “Q” is for quiet, as the 400Q sports sound dampening material, while the 400C features a large side window to show off your hardware and cable management skills.

Check them out:

Corsair also had on display its Strafe RGB keyboard. In attendance was Matt Wilkinson, head of tech for Hazard Games, who spoke with us about how Corsair’s keyboard lighting can affect gameplay.

The Strafe RGB allows for per-key lighting customization. Not only does this allow for easier identification of directional and weapon keys, but it also opens the door to some neat effects. For example, Matt showed us a configuration that had the Function keys mimic the health bar, so as your health in the game depletes, lighting on the Function keys disappears.

Have a look:

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