G502 Proteus Spectrum

Logitech announced its an update to its popular G502 gaming mouse Tuesday, just a day before the Consumer Electronics Show opened up its doors.

The newer G502, dubbed the Proteus Spectrum, is an update to the old Proteus Core gaming mouse. The mouse carries over most of the core features of the G502, but introduces RGB LED lighting that offers 16.8 million colors. Color combinations and settings can be coordinated with other Logitech gaming products in Logitech’s Gaming Software. The lights can also be turned off completely for those who prefer to have a more subtle appearance.

The mouse still features 11 programmable buttons and five removable weights. The mouse also carries over the the PMW3366 sensor, which offers a range of 200 to 12,000 dpi. Like the Proteus Core, the mouse’s button and sensor settings are stored in on-board memory. This allows the mouse to be set once and reused on other PCs without the need to install Logitech Gaming Software on those machines.

We had a chance to play with the G502 briefly before the December holidays, and we’ll be reviewing our unit soon. Logitech expects the mouse to be available in January 2016, and is currently taking pre-orders. MSRP is listed at $80.

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