Choose between a side panel window or sound dampening

Corsair Carbide 400Q 400C

Corsair is fleshing out its case lineup with a little bit of something for everyone. For gamers, there’s the Spec-Alpha, a case that sports aggressive angles and lines, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s the new Carbide 400Q and Carbide 400C.

Like the Spec-Alpha, the 400Q and 400C are both mid-tower cases, only with a more traditional (and conservative) aesthetic. Whereas you wouldn’t want to plop a Spec-Alpha system in a professional setting, visitors to the dentist office wouldn’t think twice about spying a 400Q and 400C behind the reception desk at the dentist’s office, especially the former.

The difference between the 400Q and 400C comes down to your side panel preference. If you want to show off the guts of your system with a window, the 400C will oblige, giving onlookers a clear view of just about the entire build. But if you’d rather focus on quiet computing the 400Q trades the side window for sound dampening material to muffle whirring fans.

Corsair says it’s easy to build a system inside either case — they both offer tool-free installation and lots of cable routing options. You’ll also find dust filters; 3.5-inch bay covers; room for up to a 360mm radiator in front, 240mm radiator up top, and a 120mm radiator in the rear; space for a full size ATX motherboard; and enough room for multiple graphics cards.

You can install up to two 3.5-inch drives and three 2.5-inch drives. For cooling duties, fan mounts consist of:

  • Front: (x3) 120mm or (x2) 140mm
  • Top: (x2) 120/140mm
  • Rear: 120mm

Corsair includes a 140mm fan up front and a 120mm in the back.

Both cases carry a $100 MSRP and will be available to order in early February.

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